Meal Preps

Italo AS Meal Preps


Ground Turkey Egg White Scramble: Red Peppers, Spinach, Side of Sweet Potatoes Fries

2. Shrimp Stir Fry: Shrimp and Edamame, over a bed of Jasmine Rice with diced Carrots, Peas, Onion, Red Peppers

3. Cashew Chicken: Diced Chicken, Cashews, Broccoli, Snap Peas, thin sliced Carrots, Red Peppers

4. Lemon Parsley Tilapia: Served with a side of Steamed Broccoli

5. Green Apple Salad: Mixed Green, tossed with sliced Apples, Onions, Tomato, Cucumber, Olives, topped with Grilled Chicken.

Side of Oil & Vinegar